Commercial & Fire


At New South Wales Water Tanks, we design, manufacture and install water storage tanks for all types of commercial specifications, supplying industries throughout Australia and overseas. Our comprehensive range of commercial tank sizes can meet most industrial needs and range from 12kL to 10Meg.


Pioneer Water Tanks can design, manufacture and install fire protection water tanks to meet AS2419 and AS2304 all over Australia. We are experts in water tank storage solutions for hydrant and sprinkler systems and we can manage your water tank project from start to finish. We have local tank installers around the country.


Right from your first consultation, we are able to provide you with a complete commercial water storage solution. We can assist you with the design, production, site installation and commissioning of your water tank anywhere in Australia and the world.


We provide turnkey water storage solutions for fire protection, rain and potable water, water treatment and waste water, mining, oil and gas, industrial, local government, utilities and tank liners through the provision of safe and efficient on-site tank construction and commissioning services.

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Pioneer Water Tanks are the experts in mining with experience in design, manufacture and construction of storage vessels for Raw Water, Potable, Sewage and Dewatering applications to name a few. Also, our strong capabilities in maintenance is enhanced with specialist skills to handle repair work on our own product as well as many other products produced by other manufacturers.