Only Pioneer – Discover The Difference

Aqualiner Fresh

Pioneer has revolutionised water storage through its world first antimicrobial tank liner that keeps your water fresher and cleaner for longer. The liner is infused with silver ions which actively prevents microbes, bacteria and algae forming on your liner.

Over 30 years manufacturing experience


Only Pioneer has over 30 years of manufacturing experience. Pioneer is 100% Australian owned and operated and pride themselves on supplying high quality, long lasting water tanks.

Pioneer V-Lock

Concealed bolts and unique 8-80 V Lock

Only Pioneer has the exclusive award winning V-lock tank wall profile giving the strength of steel and maintaining superior load bearing support and guaranteeing strength and quality. In addition to the V-Lock, the vertical seams on Pioneer water tanks use a bolt strip and cover assembly that fully conceals the structural bolts. This also provides additional strength and ensures your tank is smooth and safe.


Swivel Truss Foot

Swivel foot Water tank

Only Pioneer Water Tanks have the unique swivel foot roof connector which connects the roof truss to the body of the tank using high tensile steel bolts. This exclusive method of connecting gives some flexiblity and load resistance ensuring your tank stays safe in all weather conditions. 

150mm overflow

Only Pioneer Water tanks include the 150mm overflow as standard on their tanks. The larger overflow helps ensure that the inflow isn’t larger than the outflow causing flooding and damage to your tank.