Our tanks and bushfires

Video of Pioneer water tank in simulated bushfire test

Pioneer water tanks are constructed from Australian made non combustible Bluescope® steel.

Pioneer’s structural steel tank body with internal liner provides excellent resistance to flames applied directly onto the tank body due to a passing bush fire front. It’s important to be aware that our Zincalume® and Colorbond® tank panels may be subject to accelerated corrosion and structural degradation after significant exposure to immersive flames.

A key benefit to having a Pioneer steel tank is that even after a fire front has passed over the tank, the tank retains its structural integrity, and will continue to hold the stored water. When directly exposed to the extreme heat of a bushfire, the tank liner will melt down to the surface of the stored water, but structural integrity of the tank remains and the water is still available for firefighting purposes.

The time immediately after a fire has been through a property is when water is needed for stock and possible further firefighting. Although the internal tank liner may melt in places above the water level, the tank itself is structurally secure and the remaining water is available for use.