Pioneer Water Tanks – rural

Tank1sBeing a flat pack tank we can deliver all of our standard range of tanks in a 4 x 4 ute and trailer. This means that most sites are accessible to our installation team all year round. Your tank can usually be delivered, constructed and ready for water in one day, weather permitting.




This time lapse video shows how your tank is constructed.


All Pioneer Water tanks come standard with:

Standard inclusions:

  • 20 year conditional warranty on Standard Tanks
  • 50mm outlet with a polyethylene ball valve (other sizes available upon request)
  • 150mm overflow to ground level (other sizes and styles available upon request)
  • Fully enclosed leaf filter basket (removable for cleaning)
  • Removable internal/external ladder; lockable sliding access hatch
  • Sacrificial anodes to prevent electrolysis to tank body
  • 5 layer reinforced International standard food grade Aqualiner
  • Full construction to a pre-prepared tank pad
Standard Features
Standard Pioneer accessories

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150MM DIAMETER OVERFLOW2015-10-06 20_33_34-PWT3083 16pp brochure .pdf - Adobe Reader

Your 150mm diameter overflow connection and down-piping is the largest in the market. It is designed to meet the Plumbing Industry Board requirements for overflow greater than the infill rate of water into your tank. This reduces problems when your tank is full.

The use of mechanical sealed bolts and not silicon ensures no chemical contact with your potable water supply.

The wall connection is a one piece spool to prevent water from accessing and rusting any of the steel around the overflow.



The liner inside every Pioneer Water Tank is an Aqualiner® and is made in Australia, exclusively for Pioneer Water Tanks.

Unlike most other tank liners wlinerlayershich are made from industrial fabrics designed for other purposes, Aqualiner® is a custom engineered fabric designed for the sole purpose of secure water storage.

Aqualiner® is approved to global safety and food standards and contains no BPA’s so your water is safe and fresh. The liner is a multi-layered multi-polymeric material with internal reinforcing fabric weave  strength



Your Aqualiner® is factory made using state of the art fabric welding machines and dynamically heat welded by trained experts.  To provide ultimate protection at the liner joints, the Aqualiner®  has an innovative and patented double seam weld ensuring no leaks or drips.



2015-10-06 20_51_53-Discover the Difference - Pioneer Water Tanks - Rural

The vertical seams of a Pioneer water tank where the structural bolts connect the tank panels together are fully concealed using our unique bolt strip and cover assembly. A smooth tamper free tank is ensured using this assembly method. The covering on the bolts also protects you and your family from injury and offers a contemporary appearance.




2015-10-06 20_50_15-Discover the Difference - Pioneer Water Tanks - Rural

Tek screws come in 4 classes with Class 4 offering the highest corrosion resistance. Every Tek screw used to fasten the roof sheets to the roof structure on your Pioneer water tank are Class 4 Tek screws. This provides you with maximum corrosion resistance and longest life performance.

Optional extras include:


GeoThe geotextile underlay provides an intermediate protective layer and a strong barrier between the internal tank liner (Aqualiner®) and the ground.

Geotextile underlay reduces the risk of the liner coming into contact with sharp objects or burying insects or vermin that might be in the area.

*Optional extra



Superseal is a foam that provides a barrier between your roof and your tank wall to protect your water from dirt, dust, insects and vermin.

A condensation strip is also installed to prevent excess moisture getting behind the linerDustInsectProtection

*Optional extra


Level Indicators

A level indicator can be fitted to your new or existing water tank.



Levitator offers a true reading of your water level
Levitator offers a true reading of your water level using a weight and pulley system that wont damage your tank


 Fire Fittings, Brass fitting & valves

 Be bushfire ready with our range of fire fittings